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Our Preventive Services
Ensure Optimal Oral Health

At Midlands Family Dentistry in West Columbia, SC, we are committed to helping you maintain optimal oral health through our comprehensive preventive dental care services. With regular teeth cleaning, we can help you avoid more extensive dental procedures in the future and keep your smile healthy and beautiful for years to come.

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Affordable Preventative Care Services

Our team of experienced dental professionals offers a range of preventative care services, including regular teeth cleanings, digital X-rays, and more. Our Dental Savings Plan makes it easier and more affordable for you to take care of your teeth and prevent dental issues.

Teeth whitening in West Columbia, SC

Teeth Cleaning

Regular teeth cleanings are an essential part of maintaining optimal oral health. At Midlands Family Dentistry, our experienced dental professionals use the latest technology and techniques to provide thorough teeth cleanings that remove plaque and tartar buildup, prevent cavities, and improve overall oral health.

Dental x-rays in West Columbia, SC

Digital X-Rays

Our digital X-rays offer a safe and effective way to diagnose dental issues. With minimal radiation exposure, our 3D imaging technology captures detailed images, resulting in faster and more accurate diagnoses. Our dental professionals use these images to develop personalized treatment plans that address each patient’s unique needs and improve their overall oral health.

Dental exam in West Columbia, SC

Fluoride Treatment

Our fluoride treatments are designed to protect teeth from decay and strengthen enamel. By providing a protective barrier that shields teeth from acid, remineralizing weakened enamel, and reducing the risk of cavities, our treatments can help patients maintain optimal oral health. Fluoride treatments are safe, effective, and tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

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